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Magnet Match

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This is a VERY simple activity to set up and can be used in so many different ways!


  • Magnetic letters or numbersI love my set I got off of Amazon. It has repeats of letters, both upper and lower case, numbers and some math symbols. Any magnetic set will work, so if you already own some just use those!
  • Paper
  • Pen/Marker
  • Cookie sheet, this is a weird addition but it makes the magnets stick to something.
  • Optional Small Manipulatives, I used colorful stones but you can use anything: Legos, My Little Ponies, small marshmallows, dark chocolate morsels…getting distracted!


Once you have your supplies you will want to trace some of your magnets onto the piece of paper.


What are you focusing on with your specific child?

If it is numbers trace the numbers he/she knows along with some that are new.

20160728_133459Depending on their age you can add a spot so they know how many small items to place next to their letter.

Let your child pick the magnetic number and find its match. Then they can place the right amount next to it. If your child is older let them place items next to the number on their own, with out any example of the amount. As your child works on this activity  help him/her name the numbers and count out the small menips.

If you are working on letters then trace those. We are keeping it simple today with our ABC’s, upper and lower case. This activity is a little beyond my almost 2 year old, but her big sister loves it so she likes to be involved.


My little one started using the small mendips to fill in her letters. I LOVE when an activity takes an unexpected turn. I almost always go with the child’s lead and try not to redirect to my original goals.  Children learn best when they are actively engaged. Or when it comes to my littlest, when she is in control…of all things. Ha!

With my older child I traced all the letters of her full name.


I need to make a new sheet with the lowercase letters in her name.

Now how to extend this activity or make it new? Hide the letters/numbers of course!


I filled our sensory table with dried beans and hide all the letters in the beans. My preschoolers loved digging through the beans to find the letter they were looking for.  You could do this on a smaller scale and use a cake pan filled with dried rice, beans, or corn. Then this activity could be done without a sensory table.  Hiding the letters/numbers adds a sensory activity to this and also can catch the attention of a busier child.

What other fun ways do you use your magnetic letters and numbers?

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