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ABC Bingo Play

We are just a few weeks away from my oldest heading to her second year of preschool. I have been working with her to review her numbers and letters.  This is one of her favorite ways to work on her letters.

This activity can easily work for 3 through 5. Even if your 3 year old isn’t great with letters you can use this activity to introduce them!


I found this adorable little bingo game on the blog Crazy little Projects. Get your free printable there. I love how colorful it is and how easy it is to make it work for the age you have.

So first you will need a printer, paper, paper cutter and a place marker! I used a laminator to make mine last, remember mine had to survive a preschool room full of children. If I didn’t have a laminator I would just glue the bingo sheet and letters onto some card stock to make it a bit sturdier.


Once you have your Alphabet bingo ready it is time to play! You simply have your preschooler pull out a letter card and tell you what it is. This is an important step for 4 and 5 year olds! Am almost kindergartener should be able to name the alphabet by sight so this is an easy way to see where your child is. With my preschoolers I would even keep track of the letters they were unsure of. Then I would help them focus on those letters in this game and other activities. Another way to add a bit of learning to this game is to tell your child what sound the letter makes. So you might say, “Your right you picked the letter N. The letter N makes the nnnn sound like nose and noodle head!” The sillier the word the better. Preschool humor! This will help your child start to recognize that each letter makes a different noise.

At 3 and 4 your child should be able to to match a letter to another one, even if they are unsure about the name. You can help point out specifics about the letter they pulled out. For P you might say, “Look this letter has one straight line and one bump, its the letter P. Do you have a letter P on your card, a letter with a straight line and one bump?” This dialog might not seem like much but it will help them notice how each letter is different. Another hint you can give a younger preschool is the color of the letter CARD is also the same color the letter will be on their bingo sheet. So they can look at all their pink letters and see if any of them match the card.

To extend play you can add a small candy! We have done skittles, M&Ms and also smarties. I make my children wait until they have a bingo and then they can eat the entire row of candies! This is a good way to work on patience and rules. No matter how uninterested your little is in learning letters, pull out some candy and they will perk right up!

Another way is to make the play and learning last is to replace the letter cards with a set of lower case letters. Then allow your older preschooler to match the lower case letter card to the uppercase letter on their bingo sheet. I made a quick word document for my girl to practice her lower case letters with, if you are interested open it here, abccards. I kept them black so I could easily tell which letters she remembered, and not how good she was at matching colors. My oldest really liked using the lowercase letters and finding their match on her bingo sheet.


In all honesty I might just make my own, hand written, lower case cards. I can not find a font that makes the letters look like a preschooler would recognize, that dang fancy a!

This activity kept all our attention for over 20 minutes. My 4 year old begged me to play a 6th game but I was over it. (Yes, my attention span, and comfort level at 38 weeks pregnant, is much shorter than a 4 year old.) My daughter played by herself for 2 more games. She would just ask for my help with the tricky b, d, p, and q.

Any one have a favorite letter review game?

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