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Nursing Mama vs Toddler 

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So over night myself, my newborn and my toddler are all trying to adjust to the lovely world of nursing.  I adore nursing,  maybe not at the moment, me and the babe both have terrible thrush.  With my other two I nursed most of the first year though, and I plan to do that again.  The biggest difference this time is I have an impatient toddler!

A nurse at the hospital gave me the idea of having a nursing basket for my toddler.  This basket would only come out during a nursing session, and it would be filled with goodies that would help my toddler last while mommy nurses baby.

With my last baby I had a special toy that my 3 year old only got while I was nursing.  We got her a little beauty kit that she would do her mommies or her dolls hair and nails and make up.  It was prefect for a 15 minute distraction.

This time I took my nurses tried and true advice and set up a special basket for my 2 year old.

I keep this basket by my rocking chair.  So far I only need to pull it out once a day or so.  Usually in the morning after daddy and big sister have left and my toddler is distraught! Toddler life is rough people!

Here is what we have stashed in our basket.

We have a couple of her favorite books.

An amazing Water WOW book, I switch this one out for others every few days. Link Here

A Melissa & Doug hide and find puzzle thing…real technical.  I love this because hiding behind each door is a little treasure AND each treasure is magnetic so it won’t fall off. They have a REALLY cute barn one I have on my wish list. Link Here

For a bit of imaginative play we added some My Little Ponies and a few Hot Wheels.

Then of course a small snack bag…because cupcake flavored Teddy Grahms can fix any toddler heart break.

All of these things I can engage with my toddler WHILE nursing.  Sometimes she is content to paint on her own,  or sit quietly munching on her snack. Other times she needs to crawl up on the rocking chair and read with mom, or work on her puzzle.

TIP 1: To make this basket the most effective it can be you need to put a little thought and effort into it.  Don’t put in something your child has no interest in.  If you’re munchkin isn’t into books don’t waste the space, add instead some special crayons and paper.

TIP 2: Switch it up! Especially if one toy doesn’t get played with, ditch it and try something else.  Even if the object is enjoyed you should still switch it every week,  like a new book or car. This will help your child stay interested and be excited to see what is in their special basket.  Also don’t forget to refill the snack bag…ha, I forgot one and it was a bit of a melt down when she found an empty bag.

I’d love to hear some ideas of what would go in your basket!

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