Art Activities

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

These Stand Up Turkeys were so fun to make! I warn you this is a bit messier of an art project. But it was well worth it for us. My goal with this project was to make a point of discussing the mixing of colors. So lets figure out what you’ll need!


  • First you will need an empty toilet paper roll
  • Paint red and yellow
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper plate
  • Cup for water
  • Paper to make a Turkey Body

First I took an empty toilet paper roll and cut a deep V in it. Then with the back side I made a couple feather shapes.


Next the girls and I constructed little brown turkey bodies. (Top right of the picture). We made little beaks, with a wattle. Also little orange feet. My advice is to put the bodies away from the paint, as things are about to get a bit messy. Next set out your paint, brushes, paper plates, water cup and toilet paper rolls.


Now you need to add a pile of yellow paint and red paint to your paper plate. Keep them separate and allow your child to do the mixing!


Then let your littles at it. This is the messy part, painting a 3D object most children end up picking it up, so just plan on messy hands and all will be well. It is fun to do an activity where my children were SUPPOSED to mix the colors. It was very fun to see little messy fingers create new colors on the plate and on the tube. Take some time to talk about how red and yellow mixed together make orange.

Of course the 4 year old wasn’t happy with our 2 color options and she insisted she make brown! She added a bit of black and she made her own. For some foolish reason I put the paint bib on the 4 year old and not the toddler…note to self…get more paint bibs.

After the outside and INSIDE is painted it is drying time. Once your turkey is dry go ahead and glue on your sweet little turkey body.20161121_102826

Here are the finished products! I love how they stand up. We decided to slice up some construction paper and a pen so we could jot down some of the things we are thankful for. We have written down people and places and food of course.


Here is how they look with the grateful slips in them! A friend also mentioned a little bag of candy corn would look cute inside your turkeys. My girls also found our little battery operated candle we used for our pumpkins. They fit right into our turkeys!! Maybe a little table decor on the great turkey eating day?

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