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Rock Lines 

I do a terrible job of hiding my obsession with rocks! I love collecting them with my girls and then using them in our play.

So when I found this incredible blog, youclevermonkey using rocks as such a great learning tool I had to make my own! Hop on over to You Clever Monkey to check out her great post. The post teaches you how to use your set of line rocks to teach handwriting and how to make them.

I just loved the set I made so I wanted to snap some pictures.


Also, I had a tip of my own to add. I could forsee the rocks getting all jumbled together so on the rocks I used to build the shapes I added a symbol to the back of them. Example, on the backs of the rocks making out the shape of a square I drew a square on each.

After going on a grand adventure to collect the rocks I set up my girls with a tub of warm water, a few scrubbing brushes….or toothbrushes, a towel and had them get to work. After cleaning them we made our little set and created a fun game with them.


I’d have my daughter make a shape out of a few of the rocks. Next I’d sketch a picture of the shape she made. Then after we made a few I would mix up the pictures and she would have to find the shape they matched.

At first she had a hard time matching the shapes but after a few times of me pointing out little details about each shape she started finding the shapes quicker. After a little bit she was able to find her own little details. It was a great little game!

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