Sensory Play

Fake Snow Play

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DECEMBER!!!! It has arrived! I don’t know about you and yours but we are lacking in the winter wonderland area. No real snow has stuck. In honor or December and what should be a snowy month we got together a fun “snow” sensory table. I have used actual snow for a sensory filler and it was great fun. We used SnoWonder, a fake snow alternative. My preschoolers love it and so do my own children. It is a bit pricy, 13ish, but this bag has lasted me over a year.

What we used:

Fake Snow


So this is they type we use. Check it out on Amazon HERE. You simply add a gallon of water per cup of flakes. The more water you add the more the powder acts like wet snow. If you have the space and patience you can lay the used SnoWonder on sheets of paper in a thin layer and it will dry out and you can re-use it. Usually mine has a bunch of preschool hands in it and I just dump it for germ reasons. But when its just my girls, or I do a small batch I dry it out and reuse it.

Bath Toys

For fun additions in our sensory table we used some of our Dinsey bath toys that my girls adore.


We got these as an early Christmas gift from family and I am obsessed! They are so stinking cute. Link HERE. Any character bath toys also work so well in sensory bins. We have a Mickey Mouse set and also a princess set. They get used in the bath, pool and half of our sensory bins. I LOVE a toy that is versatile! Don’t feel like you have to do princes there is pretty much an option for most of the Disney characters.


For tools we used an odd assortment.


  • We have 2 play dough toys, the purple rake and the blue scrapper
  • We have a sand shovel
  • We also use our pumpkin scooper
  • Don’t forget about our little spatula we use for pretend cooking
  • And finally we pulled out our scoopers

Additional Sensory Items

To add some color contrast and opportunity to count and hide something I through in some black stones. Any small sensory water proof item would add to this sensory experience. (Rocks, gems, beads, twigs, marbles)


Here my daughter is making her snow into a ball, this only works if you made your snow wet. If you follow the instructions you’ll have a dry dusty snow, which is a great sensory experience, just not great for molding.


After a little bit of play I remembered I had these great WHITE styrofoam pieces to add to our play. They added a great building addition!


This activity was such a blast. As soon as your child can fight the urge to eat everything they are ready for this activity. I know my little sister, 11 would also have been intertwined for just as long as my 2 and 5 year old! If you end up doing our fun snow sensory table please share it on Instagram and tag me! @adventuresofourplayfulhome I would love to see your littles enjoying their own snow sensory fun!

I had as much fun setting this up each morning as the girls did playing with it!


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