Imaginative Play

Ice Skating Imaginative Play

In honor of December we have set up our Ice Skate Rink…in our basement. Every week or two I try to switch our dramatic play area and I thought I’d share how easy it is to make a quick fun set up with things you already have!


First we have our ice skating rink.

  • I used the back side of our car rug. You can easily set up your rink on the floor, I just like that the backside of the rug was white.
  • Next I covered some pillows with a white sheet for some snow piles.
  • We happened to have a cute little fence so I used that for one side, but you could use more pillows or leave it open for better access.
  • Then I searched through our bin of stuffed animals for woodland animals or snowmen.
  • I also added our wool dryer balls for snowballs.

Next I made some simple ice skates

  • I cut a paper plate in half
  • Flipped one half over and stapled it to a whole plate
  • Then, after 10 minutes of use, I went back and added some tape for good measure


Next I added a hot coco stand

  • First you’ll need a few cups and spoons (I used throw away ones but real would work)
  • Next I grabbed an old container and glued some brown paper on it and wrote the words HOT CHOCOLATE on the paper
    • TIP Don’t get too big of a container
  • Next I ripped up a bunch of brown paper and filled the container
  • Next I grabbed some cotton balls and filled a small bowl, I added teasers to give my littles an opportunity to work on some small motor skills
  • Finally, this time, I added an empty milk carton


The idea here is for your littles to make their own hot chocolate with these items, after a cold skate on the ice!


  • After the first few days of play I usually add a ticket booth to sell tickets for the skates.  What you’ll need:
    • Table or booth (we use a puppet stand)
    • Cash register (if you have)
    • Money (you can even use a few real coins, it is so fun for kids to handle money)
    • Tickets (you can make ones by slicing up paper)
    • Receipts (I bought a little receipt book at the store for 2 bucks and have had it for over a year, it is just a fun way to add writing to the play)
  • Food, I usually like to add some food a few days into play
    • Fake food
    • Real food that is easy to clean up like trail mix, grapes, or maybe some real marshmallows
    • Sometimes I set up the register and money at the food table and make it a little cafe
  • You can also add a camping scene, all you need are:
    • Some small logs, sticks or rolled brown paper
    • Sleeping bag
  • Don’t forget you can add snow gear
    • Gloves, hats, boots, scarves are all fun additions to this play
    • It also gives your child an opportunity to practice life skills

All of these additions should help extend your child’s play. If you notice that your child is starting to seem uninterested in the skating that is the time to add something new.

Let the fun begin!!!

My girls have been playing in this set up for 3 days now, and I just added some winter clothes and a campfire today. My oldest will randomly declare she needs to go work on her skating and disappear for 20 minutes. We also have Christmas music playing so they can dance/skate, which is great fun!

And there have been MANY MANY MANY cups of hot chocolate. The best part about that chocolate is it is very easily vacuumed up. So a very easy clean up!


On day 4 I added a campfire and some winter clothes and if felt like a whole new set up.

I hope you and your little can enjoy some REAL fun winter activities, but until then this should fill in the wait.

What else is happening in our preschool room?

In case you wanted to plan any other activities to go along with your skating here is a peek into what we are doing.

We have some scissor practice. My girls got an early Christmas gift, it consisted of a bunch of Frozen stickers and markers, so I incorporated it into our art table. I set up scissors, stripes of paper to slice into snow flakes and glue (out of sight because I don’t leave glue unattended around my 2 year old…she likes to confuse it with lotion!). I also added some fun Frozen stickers.


At the writing center we have stencils, note cards and little markers. I thought we could turn our finished products into post cards for Santa.


We also have the lovely sensory table filled with fake snow. For a better look at this set up click HERE.


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