Imaginative Play

Doctors Office Play

So my daughter stayed home ‘sick’ today. Really we had a rough night and I told her if she wanted to stay home we could snuggle and watch Harry Potter.  After a little morning snuggle time the 5 year old requested a doctors office. It took me 3 minutes to pull out my dramatic play box for a doctor office and set it up.  The girls spent the next 2 hours happily placing bandaids and talking about brain stems.

So what is a Dramatic Play Box? It is a small box, usually an old Amazon or empty diaper box, that is filled with all the items I need create a dramatic play area. I have a Dramatic Play box for camping, beach, space, garden, halloween, kitchen etc…


So what was in my little doctor office  dramatic play box?

  • x-ray and body pictures
  • cotton balls
  • popsicle sticks
  • empty medicine and essential oil bottles
  • bandaid box
  • stethoscope
  • props from an old Doc McStuffins kit
  • cleaning gloves
  • old contact case
  • nursing pad…hey I had a lot on hand when I made the box, they work great for cleaning pads in the kit
  • wrist wrap
  • makeshift cast

So most of those goodies go in our cardboard box turned cupboard. I used a couple empty Kleenex boxes to store cotton balls and gloves. The girls also insisted they needed cups and a milk carton…for snacks. I went with it.


The pictures go on our little table. A fantastic trick I use is placing a piece of plexiglass over the top of our table. Then my littles can draw ALL OVER the pictures and I don’t have to print off a thousand sheets. My girls LOVE this. I bought the plexiglass at Home Depot for 8 bucks. It is an item I use often.


What did I add to the box?

  • First I made a little patient bed by stacking my girls sleeping bags on each other and throwing a white sheet over the top.
    • Don’t forget the pillow
    • Also you absolutely need a purple princess blanket…according to the girls
  • As mentioned before I have a little cupboard made out of a large cardboard box. I use this item in a lot of dramatic play.
  • I also add any office type items my girls might request.
    • Old phone
    • Little clipboard
    • Expo markers and erasers
  • Any books that talk about bodies
  • I also added our little chairs for a waiting room for all our imaginary friends that had to visit our hospital that day.

Dramatic Play Box

To put this whole thing together took me about 8 minutes. Most of that is because I had a box already put together and I was just adding a few things to it. If you have the space to store it, I HIGHLY recommend keeping dramatic play set ups in a small container or bag. It makes it so easy to cycle through and set that play up again later down the road.

In a week or so, when my girls tire of the office I will simply grab the small things and toss them back into the box. Then I’ll put away the few extra things I grabbed. The Dramatic Play Box makes set up and clean up SO easy.




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