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Stage Play

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wp-image-549711561jpg.jpgThis is one of my girls favorite. In fact I pulled this dramatic play out a second time and the end of the preschool year because my students kept requesting it. I set my dramatic play up with what I have laying around my house, so make sure you look at my set up with your own creative glasses on and think of what you could use that would work.

What is in my dramatic play box:

  1. Old sheet or blanket for a curtain
  2. Tickets and receipt booklet
  3. Instruments
    1. I LOVE this Melissa&Doug music box
    2. Cheap kids piano
    3. Kids xylophone

I bought the tickets and booklet at Walmart.  I found a lot of our extra instruments at thrift stores or handmedowns. Just be on the look out for fun instruments you could add to your dramatic play box. There are also a TON of cool crafts for children to make their own instruments.


What I added:

  1. Card Table (This is what we use for a stage. You could use another sheet, a big piece of cardboard, some couch cushions?) Having a “stage” really takes makes this imaginative play.
  2. Karaoke machine with microphones. My daughter got a little karaoke machine for Christmas 2 years ago and we always pull it out for our stage play. Again you could make some simple mics and always store them in you dramatic play box.
  3. A table or stand to sell tickets. We have this simple puppet show thing we always use as a ticket counter. This is an important addition for children to practice money skills, counting and roll play.
  4. Cash register. This item never stays in any box because we use it constantly.
  5. Cushions for guests
  6. Easel. This one isn’t super important. I just love to have print added to my daughters play. You could just as easily add a poster you make announcing there is to be a grand performance soon! Any type of print added to play helps your child recognize print, incorporate it into their play, ask about what it says, give you ideas on what they would like it to say.wp-image-1100410640jpg.jpg


  • You can always hold out a few instruments and add them each day to help prolong your Childs interest
  • Dress ups. Go wild. Yesterday we had a tiny ninja, a fat farm chicken and a…I’m thinking it was a Dinocowboy? (My daughter was wearing a dragon costume with the sheriff vest and when I’d ask her what she was she simply said she was funny.) My daughters do have a plethora of princes dresses but lately its all about action costumes.
  • I always think it is fun to make some cool stage props or instruments when we have our stage up. Anything your child makes they are eager to try out on the stage
    • Streamer wands
    • pompoms
    • Drums
    • Shakers
    • Masks
    • Crowns
  • In addition to making something my girls have loved making their own programs for their shows. Sometimes I’ll help them write down ideas and other times they put their own programs together. Either way they love handing them out or placing them on the cushions for guests to read!
  • GUESTS! My girls usually have a show prepared for their daddy when he gets home and the LOVE having someone new watch their Dinocowboy and Tinkerbell Ballet/Danceparty/Magicshow. It is also fun to have a special performance for your Childs stuffed animals. Then they gather all their favorites and place them on their seats.
  • MUSIC! We almost always have Pandora playing some Trolls or Dance music in the background. Ask your child what type of music they need for their performance so they are in charge of decision making.
  • Concession treats. Make some popcorn or pull out some chocolate covered raisins to purchase at the ticket window…and of course eat during the show.



  • In our dramatic play area I added a few 3M hooks, like this. It is so nice to be able to hang up some of our props.
  • Even if you have a young child it is a great idea to do the money part of your dramatic play correctly. Ask your child how much a ticket is, present your child with some money, have them give you a ticket. I think it is important for children to understand how that works.
  • You can use the stage for so many things. Maybe one day your little one can sing you the songs they know. Maybe the next day they can dance to their favorite songs. Yesterday my girls were OBSESSED with doing tricks. (It involved a lot of strange summersaults and leaping). Suggest your little one presents a story time, reading their favorite book to their teddy bears. Let them do a speech on everything they know about dinosaurs. (Ask a lot of questions and be COMPLETELY interested in their monologue). Maybe switch rolls and you can put on a dance, story or magic show for them and they can buy the tickets and cheer you on!
  • Finally get your camera ready because littles really know how to ham it up on stage!

There has been A LOT of singing and dancing around here lately. The big girls are in their element. I love my role as audience member. And baby girl is completely enthralled watching her big sisters rock out. Win win win!

Please please please I beg of you; if you make your own stage post it on Instagram and tag @adventuresofourplayfulhome so we can see your littles and your fun!

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