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Heart Hats

As I have said before I am a big fan of all paper plate crafts….mostly because I am a cheap wad and bought the cheapest paper plates known to man and shockingly they ended up being terrible plates. Go figure. So now I have a stack as big as my toddler I am trying to use in other interesting ways. Enter holiday hat. This is another activity that can be transferred to other holidays as well, but seeing as it is February I think we’ll stick with hearts.



  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Something to decorate with (markers, paints, stickers, stamps, glitter) We used DoADot paint markers and glitter as an addition.
  • TIP: Note my dollar store table cloth. Not a necessity but always a nice addition to a craft set up.

Set up

  • Simply take your plate, hopefully you have a few cheap and THIN plates laying around, and fold it in half. Start at the top and and start cutting out the flat part of your plate. When you are about an inch from the end stop. Then start back towards the top and cut out half a heart ending at the bottom of your last cut.
  • Next try the hat on your little. I had to trim my 5 year olds a little to make it fit.
  • TIP:I cut my 2 year olds too big. So start smaller than you think, because there is no going back.


  • Finally lay out your hats and decorating items. If you have chosen a few things to decorate with just place one out at a time. This will help prolong the activity. I lead with the paint markers and then as they thought they were done WAMO I hit them with glitter. (That is very exciting for my girls because I usually forget that we have glitter, I bet you can’t guess why.)

Activity Time

This activity caught my girls attention much longer than I thought it would, about 20 minutes. They loved decorating their hat. After I let them start with the paint I was annoyed I didn’t start with markers. I know that would have added another 10 minutes on top. LAYERING PEOPLE. Children crafts are all about layers. Layers add experimentation, creativity…and most important prolonged play (translate that to time for mommy). My girls were so impatient for it to dry.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • I thought it would be fun to punch a few holes in the back of the hat and hang some pink and white ribbon off the back, I know my girls would love that. This addition will have to be done tomorrow because the baby woke up and demanded she have my full attention.
  • I also thought it would be fun to write a cute and classic Valentine Heart saying on them such as, “BE MINE” or “TOO CUTE”.


Finished product

I like those too incredible girls quite a lot.

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