Learning Activities

Simple Valentine Math

My incredibly talented friend over at Little LDS Ideas made the cutest little simple math worksheets. She sweetly let us use them for a fun math activity with my 5 year old.


Check out the free printable here!


  • printable
  • dice
  • a small manipulative (we like sugar so we would go with conversational hears, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows…or even grapes if we were feeling healthy-ish)
  • pencil
  • Laminator (optional) or Plastic Sheet Protector
    • washable marker ( NOT dry erase)
    • damp paper towel

Set up

  • simply print your worksheet
  • Next I colored each half of the lips a different color to help clarify (not necessary)
  • slip it in your protector or laminate it
    • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS. I am obsessed with making things last…forever, so I love to have worksheets be reusable. You can just write on your paper.

Activity Time

After lamenting our worksheets my 5 year old and I got busy. First Miss 5 would roll a dice. Next she would place 1 chocolate on the pink side of the lips. My daughter would count out the number and then write a 1 in the small square at the bottom of the paper. Next she would roll the dice again and place the 3 chocolates on the other side. She would again count and record the number. Next we talked about how the + sign meant add, or put together. We would squash all the chocolates together and count them again. We put the total in the last box.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As we repeated the activity I would put the chocolate out on both sides of the heart. Also after going through the steps a few times I no longer needed to tell her what to do, I would ASK her what she was doing. “Why are you counting all the chocolate now?” When I let her be the teacher she is really in her element.


For subtraction I’d start out simple again. After writing down the 2 numbers we talked about how there was a new sign in between them, the – sign. I explained how that meant the 1st group had 6 the the minus sign meant we needed to take 3 away from the first group. (Obviously take really means EAT) Then we would count up what remained. Finally she would write down that number in the final square.



TIP: If your child is struggling with this idea instead of putting chocolate in the 2nd half of the lips you could place a different item, maybe a small ‘mobile’ toy. We used our small Trolls figures. That way when we count up the 2 Trolls I can tell Miss 5  that they are supposed to carry 2 chocolates away. REMEMBER little children are physical active creatures so any excuse for some movement is awesome. 


If your child is too young to write you could

  • write it for your little
  • cut out a few small squares and write the numbers out for your child, then have them slide the correct number into the empty square
  • not worry about the written number yet and simply focus on counting.

You can also turn this into a game by rolling a dice! (This works perfect for the 4 small printable!!!)

For the 4 smaller worksheets we skipped the chocolate and just made dots in the lips.  If your child still needed the treat you could let them eat the final numbers?




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