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Shaving cream hunt- Get what you want out of a planned activity

I have always loved textures.  Even as a little girl I hated the textures of towels, napkins, and paper towels.  I was obsessed with minky blankets, flour, and shaving cream.  I know, weird.  However, as a mom I get to pretend I am making activities for my children, when really I just love to play with shaving cream.

You can buy a store brand of shaving cream for under $2 at the store, and it is worth it!  Sometimes I squirt it on my toddler in the shower and then we draw silly pictures or letters on his tummy.  I have sprayed it all over our toy castle and told Boston to save the princesses by spraying it down with a water blaster.  You can teach about rain by putting shaving cream on the top of a glass of water and then drip blue dyed water onto the shaving cream (it will eventually start “raining” into the water).


This last week we did a new activity with it that was so much fun!


  • Shaving cream
  • A big tupperware or sensory bin
  • Some plastic toys that will be “surprising” for your toddler to find
  • Squirt guns or spray bottles (the latter worked better for us)
  • A bucket or big bowl of water and a dry towel to wash off hands intermittently
  • ***Blocks are optional for an extension

The Fun:

Spray shaving cream into the tupperware and tell your little that you are hiding little surprises in the shaving cream for him or her to save.  Let your little go at it!


When they find a little creature they can have fun spraying with a water gun, spray bottle, or dipping in the water bucket to clean it off and uncover which surprise toy it is.

Boston and I started off by hiding toys that he had chosen and then having him search for them and spray them off.  I could tell he was not that interested and a little worried about the mess on his hands.  Instead of giving up on the activity, I tried to remember who I am working (playing) with!  I went inside and picked some surprise toys and told Boston that there were a bunch of SURPRISE toys in the shaving cream and one BAD guy toy.  His MISSION was to find the bad guys and LOCK him up.


(BAD guy found!)

His excitement was absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen.  The water gun was not working very well to uncover the toy’s identity so I switched to a spray bottle.  Children love a “home” for things that they find.  So, we brought out some blocks to make a BAD guy jail and a home for all the other toys we found.

This activity was so fun.  DO remember the water bucket, so you can let the cuties wash off their hands.  I find that getting “messy” can be intimidating for some kids.  However, if they see an easy way to clean up quickly it can feel a little safer.  Remember to help guide the activity in the direction the child wants to take and it.  Make sure to mention the word “Surprise” for the toys hidden in the shaving cream for ultimate excitement.  HAVE FUN!


This munchkin wasn’t sure about the shaving cream mess!

***Remember you can always change direction, change tools, or figure out a way to help your child be more comfortable with any new texture or activity!

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